A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A small arcade style game where you are the hero who brings solar battery to the field. The goal is to survive. Can you score higher than 300?

Hint: Do not try to keep all the units at full power. Sometimes you need to strategically give up a unit for a moment, in order to save the unit, or save battery.

- 7/31/2017: Balance adjustment; added score display
- 8/1/2017: Added a "you win" message; Fixed the bug preventing you from charging the unit again without moving

Install instructions

Please choose "Fantastic" for graphics quality.

Best Resolution: 1024 x 768


BatteryPackMan_Src.zip 4 MB
BatteryPackMan_Mac.zip 15 MB
BatteryPackMan_Win.zip 11 MB
BatteryPackMan_Mac_PostJam.zip 15 MB
BatteryPackMan_win_PostJam.zip 11 MB

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