A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

How to entertain the player with only a small virtual world?

In this classical RPG setting, instead of the player, you play as a random number generator in the game and decide what random encounter the player has. You can choose from different types of monsters, a village and different types of items in treasure chest. You only have very limited options and your goal is to make the (AI) player beats the game before he realizes how repetitive the RPG world is. The player will leave the game either when he's bored by the repetitive pattern of the game or he finds the game too hard or too easy.


You simply need to make choice for every random encounter.

Watch player's boredness and his HP. Game ends either when HP gets to zero or when boreness gets to the maximum.

The goal is to make the player beats the game boss before he gets bored of the game.

Note: Please choose "Fantastic" for graphics quality, otherwise the game may run faster than intended.


RNG-Mac.zip 12 MB
RNG-Windows.zip 10 MB
RNG-Source.zip 2 MB


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cool game!